Month: March 2019


To the delight of mowing cows and bleating goats
But to the chagrin of the old school herdsman
Or the kid caned for soiled shoes
On a Monday morning
Till it rides the rising motes
Till it runs and hides
From the heat of the sun
So it can rest for the day
Till mother nature cries again

the drug and I

the drug and I had goose bumps and pimples
as I lay there head spinning like a spin the wheel
and salivating at the sharp shadows of the nipples
as she danced and I was ready to kneel
we pumped each other, the drug and I

Of Deadbeat Dads and Runaway Fathers III

And to you, son, as I talk these truths to you, I know you will have your own truths. You will wade through murky waters of youthful indiscretions. The realities, conjectures, and vicissitudes that will unfold before you, will bewilder you to your core. It will not matter what people of “normal situations” will think of you. The situation of your birth, childhood, teenage, youth, and adult life will not matter, son. Your ability to rise above the negativity around you and the foul challenges will be the determinant of your will be significant, but it will not be enough. Son, what will matter is whether, from the ashes of your uselessness and bizarre prevailing conditions, you rise and build a legacy that you will be proud of. But above all else, son, since we are talking of deadbeat dads and runaway fathers, I will say this;

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