Nature’s Beauty

Nature's beauty

°~ Nature’s Beauty ~°
Thoughts, they creep out of the corners of the eye on peaceful days
Thoughts, they hide behind the single dancing leaf of a still branch 
Thoughts, they come as silhouettes of tired memories  journeyed from ages past 
Thoughts, they drop out of blue skies, from behind clouds 
Thoughts, they swing on swaying grass, poked by a gentle breeze 
Thoughts, they ride motes of dust through holes on roofs to worlds unknown 
Thoughts, they sneak out of the gazes of lovers waltzing to the beats of the moment 
Thoughts, they swim leisurely in the rough rapids of the river of time 
Thoughts, they race swifts, play with doves and lend weaver birds a helping hand
Thoughts, they glide in cool breezes under cool shades in  a sea of green

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