The Road of Lunacy

The road of Lunacy

Temperatures are chilling but it’s so hot in here
A heavy downpour but it’s so dry out there,
Oh my what’s happening everything is upside down
I want to see outside the door I kick it outright down
The rain is too hot, my clothes are a worthless crowd
And with my skin light brown,
Am a worthless clown
Walking downward bound
to the road Of lunacy
Wet like fish, drenched like a rag
Against the current of seamy brown soiled sailing stream
I meet the ‘njaga’ the village nag two sticks in hand;
One rambo one billy blanks
Kicking and hitting each others trunk so that them, the owner of the arena
He will rank
With unsuccesful attempt to smile, a grimace shows on his knitted face,
He nodes ‘one of us he is’
On the road of lunacy
Liquidly swimming the endless ocean of a stream
I see kong’o’s eyes beam,
Woohoo! From him a loud scream
Comes and looks at me like a ghostly dream
The laugh reduced to frown he knits his brow it may seem
And shaking his head he wonders what it is I seek
So young, so small so meek
on the road of lunacy
Wah! From many a mile far and wide
To behold I do him so bushy and wild
And shock and confusion are mine for a while
As my professor towards me his way twine
With his heavy goodies he blabbers and whine,
And with him am forced to wine and dine
Sipping the dirty grog from the rusty tin he pauses shuffling through myriads of soiled books,
His wet face conceals the shine
And he seems to blind
As the words come out;
‘son, you do not want to be here’
On the road of lunacy!

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